Eystein Hanssen – Jaget


Chased (Jaget)
The body of an unidentified man surfaces in Oslo’s financial district. The case is homicide detective Elli’s first as a new mother.
With the migration from Syria as a background, the thriller Jaget portrays how war, escape and xenophobia push people to their utmost limits. When Elli reveals a ruthless game of politics, treason and terror, she realises her own familiy is also under threat.


"Eystein Hanssen shows that crime can still be socially critical (...) Hanssen sparkles in the police scenes and shines when it comes to the dialogues (...) he continues the social realist genre that Sjöwall and Wahlöö established." VG (dice roll 5)

"Great intelligence thriller" Dagbladet

"It is solidly researched and detail-focused, it draws much of its raw material from the theatres of war in the Middle East and the associated danger of Islamist terror, and it allows the reader to be a fly on the wall in the heavy investigative units of the police and intelligence services." Aftenposten

Foreign rights: Cappelen Damm Agency

Eystein Hanssen – Bikkjer
Elli's first assignment for Kripos (The National Time Unit) brings her to the small town of Gjøvik and the Killing of a Somali youth. As the antagonist probes in on Elli, connections between old and new murders emerge against the backdrop of racism.
Eystein Hanssen – En kort evighet
A Short Eternity
(En kort evighet) A series of brutal heists terrorize Oslo. The robbers' military precision leaves the police in bafflement. Elli finds leads pointing back in time, to the civil wars of the former Yougosalvia.
Eystein Hanssen – Jaget
With the migration from Syria as a background, the thriller Jaget portrays how war, escape and xenophobia push people to their utmost limits.
Eystein Hanssen – Brennemerket
The deamons of her mother’s past draws Elli towards an unsolved murder in Bangkok. Soon Elli realise she is just as connected to the case as her mother.
Eystein Hanssen – Åtseldyr
The remains of a child is found in an old Oslo cellar. Elli’s investigation reveals a gruesome, hidden underworld in Oslo.
Eystein Hanssen – Triangel
On leave from the Oslo Police, Elli initiates her own, private investigation into the unsolved murder of her sister Anne.
Stream of Poison
Elli arrests a young Uganda criminel in a narco raid. Soon after, the Norwegian embassy in Kampala receives a package.
Eystein Hanssen – De ingen savner
The Unmissed
Meet Elisabeth Sunee Rathke, or simply Elli. Half Norwegian, half Thai, black belt in karate and a police investigator in Oslo.
Other titles
Eystein Hanssen – Kokong
Cocoon (Kokong) What if you never owned your own life. What if those you hold dearest turn out to be liars. And where do you hide when your opponent sees all, hears all and controls everything? An unexplainable death sends journalist Nora Wold and ex mercenary Roger Eik on a life threatening investigation into the […]